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A Tradition of Excellence

TECS was founded in 1960s and has over 50 years of expertise & experience in education grant management.

Simplifying Compliance

Our mission is to simplify educational compliance and improve the lives of school administrators.

Personalized Service, National Reach

TECS provides personalized services to local state & federal education agencies, K-12 & higher education across the US.

TECS is a 50 year old professional services organization that works with public, private & K-12 schools across US helping them with grant management, compliance & professional development.

When TECS first opened its doors in 1966, it combined a vision of improving the lives of school administrators with a new focus on effective and comprehensive federal application processing. It pioneered school district bookkeeping, and software as a service (SaaS) for student management services- a radically new way to setup for the time. It brought together specialists in grant compliance and management from far reaching parts of the education landscape, who were passionate about education and known for understanding and implementing the Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and its successor, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

Hundreds of school districts joined TECS to improve grant management and reimagine the future.

After 50 years, TECS remains committed to the fundamental principal of effective grant management, with the goal of improving the lives of school administrators. We are innovative and customer-focused. We are focused on your success and will continue to provide our clients with best practices and products to enhance school capabilities.

Our Team

TECS employs some of the finest and most experienced education professionals in the industry. Our consultants have a broad range of education consulting expertise that is specifically focused toward school improvement, education policy, and education development. We also have established relationships with some of the most well-respected business professionals in the industry; working on projects that bring about positive outcomes for educators and students as a whole.

Our clients love us

Iowa Department of Education

I have used TECS as state evaluators for two federal title programs- EETT (Title IID) and 21st Century CCLC (TITLE IVB) and they provided professionals with years of experience in both Educational Technology and After School as evaluators. They did an outstanding job for Iowa and I am very pleased with their work.

– Vic Jaras

North Lamar ISD

TECS has truly given us workable plans we are proud of and can actually use to accomplish our district and campus goals. This planning process is the best I have ever been involved in.

– Asst. Superintendent of Schools

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

The breadth and depth of their knowledge, combined with proven reliability qualifies them to implement complex projects.

– Director of Research & Evaluation

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