Improve District & Campus Planning

TECS works with schools districts and campuses annually to help develop and/or revise District and Campus Improvement Plans

Quick facts

  • Develop comprehensive needs assessments based on current data
  • Ensure compliance and accountability
  • Evaluate and report on programs that identify students in at-risk situations
  • Review bilingual/ESL programs
  • Collect and analyze data*
  • Work on-site with Site Based Decision Making Committee (SBDMC) to help identify programs and
    collaborate on solutions
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the plan

*The type of data that we collect and analyze includes:

  • Performance data
  • Parent and teacher surveys
  • Longitudinal data trends
  • Discipline records
  • Certification rates
  • Highly Qualified Plan
  • Attendance
  • Comprehensive needs
  • T-TESS
  • CIT


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